About Me

Language Knowledge:

Flemish (native) [*], English, German, French & Spanish

[*] Flemish is the Dutch language spoken in the Flemish part of Belgium

Qui docet, discit.

Who teaches, learns.

Me (short version):

  • 1961: Do the math
  • Basketball: Until my body says STOP
  • Photography: Focused
  • Good food & drinks: Who doesn't
  • Computer stuff: I'm not a nerd
  • Traveling: To learn and understand
  • Science-Fiction: No fantasy stuff
  • Thriller: The books and the movies
  • Handyman: Electricity, Woodwork, Gardening
  • My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® is:

I= Introversion, S= Sensing,

T= Thinking, J= Judging.


ISTJ's tend to be serious, quiet, thorough and dependable. They see to it that everything is well organized and accurate. They are practical, orderly, matter-of-fact, logical, realistic and take responsibility. They notice what needs to be done and follow through steadily.

More info about MBTI ®

Countries I've Visited:

Antarctica, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Cuba, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA.


Skills & Other



Quality oriented, Eye for detail, Service minded, Multicultural, Teamplayer.



Deep technical expert in both classic TDM & VoIP telecommunication + Unified Communications and with the rare talent to make it understandable for others.

Technical writer => creating student & service documentation/manuals.

Training skills acquired not only by doing but also after following several seminars

at OIC (Eurosem).


ICT Knowledge:

Telecommunication (Both Enterprise and Public).

Enterprise Communication Systems (Classic TDM and Voice Over IP).

Unified Communications.


The following is acquired by self training, on-the-job-training and by doing.

Windows (till Windows-10 & Windows Server 2008).

Linux (basic).

MS-Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel & Outlook).

Network Configurations (TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, AD, VLAN, QoS).

Huawei Switches & Routers.

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.


Past Seminars and Courses:

Advanced Digital Techniques.

Assembler Programing Language.

Being a Technical Trainer

CHiLL Programming Language.

C Programming Language.

Customer Relations.

Intel Processors.

Introduction to Customer Relationship Management Applications.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Software Design Methodology.

Inventivity / Creativity:

Practical outlasts design

Below is just a small example of the result. Of course, there is no accounting for tastes and colors, so ...........

Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Another place to visit in that perspective is the photographic challenge/competition I join every month since 2007. Every month the Challenge Webmaster selects a topic and we have to fill it out as we see fit. It is just for the fun of it, no price is distributed at the end. I prefer, but not always, to go for a somewhat different result than most of what the others produce. Curious? Visit: BD-Challenge

Originally my garden was plain grass with some playing equipment for the children. As the playing is not really done anymore I decided to give it a go and create something to enjoy and relax in. Four things were important:


- Flowers for almost every season.

- Avoid too much weeding/maintenance.

- An area with a roof.

- A garden shed that nobody else has.


The most important thing before starting is to find out what type of soil you have. After that, the adventure continues by learning about the different types of flowers and plants.

But first I installed the garden shed. The roofed area was last.


This is the result:

Stairs!!! Any idea what it costs if you cannot install a standard type of stair because you need a corner style stair .

For that amount of money I can do it myself I said bravely. I had no idea what would come my way. Nosing, pitch, pitch line, rake, rise, riser, …etc, to name a few. But I managed and the stair hasn’t collapsed yet.

One day my wife wanted to have an additional light in the living room to make it a little more cozier. We couldn’t find anything in the stores to our pleasing. After some internal brainstorm I designed this lamp, which (to my surprise), my wife liked as well.

Again something that could not be found. A HiFi / TV stand that could hold the necessary equipment and that could hide the sub-woofer. It took a while before it was accepted by the family but now it is part of the family.

Not so long ago my lovely wife made the remark that the children don't use that side table a lot any more. In fact she was indirect telling me it had become way too old. As a good husband that I am I agreed but commented it would be nice if the new one could hold my chess piece. We searched in vain and yes, you can guess it, I’ve created one.

As we do have from time to time small children in the house I had to make sure they couldn’t hurt themselves, hence the somewhat rounded corners. Those same children(or even we ourselves) might also bump into that side table so I had to make sure that those chess pieces don’t tumble. Drilled small holes in the chess “floor” and the pieces (at the same time hoping it wouldn't crack on me) and I attached them together.

Again to my surprise my wife and even my mother in law liked the table.